Getting to Postgrowth: The Transformative Power of Mind- and Paradigm Shifts


by Maja Göpel. Before an individual chooses to act, he or she requires a story or mindset to make sense of what the situation is about. Acting rationally in this sense means to act with reason, in congruence with one’s worldview and the individual interpretation of the “rules of the game.” Individual mindsets, however, are […]

WWWforEurope – Working on the Analytical Foundations for Socio-ecological Change and Dynamics


Growth in Transition works together with the EU-Project WWWforEurope to analyse and discuss the scientific background for the socioecological transition of our economic system. What kind of development strategy should Europe opt for in the face of the financial crisis and the big challenges ahead: globalisation, demographic shifts, climate change and new technologies? What kind of strategy […]

International Stakeholder Dialogue Growth in Transition – Sustainable Economic and Social Concepts

Initiative Growth in Transition

Since 2008 the process Growth in Transition (Wachstum im Wandel), an initiative of the Austrian Ministry of Life, is in progress in Austria. There were two international conferences in 2010 and 2012 with almost 600 participants each. In a number of stakeholder dialogues eight policy papers concerning different policy fields were created. Several more of such […]