WWWforEurope – Working on the Analytical Foundations for Socio-ecological Change and Dynamics


Growth in Transition works together with the EU-Project WWWforEurope to analyse and discuss the scientific background for the socioecological transition of our economic system. What kind of development strategy should Europe opt for in the face of the financial crisis and the big challenges ahead: globalisation, demographic shifts, climate change and new technologies? What kind of strategy […]

Austerity, Stimulus or Post-growth for Europe?


3/21/14, Brussels/ The RESPONDER project brings together high-level scientists, policy-makers and practitioners to explore, discuss and address pressing questions about the contradictions between sustainable consumption and economic growth. In this final conference we revisit the propositions of Sicco Mansholt, President of the European Commission in 1972-73, to explore the complex relations between economic growth and […]

International Stakeholder Dialogue Growth in Transition – Sustainable Economic and Social Concepts

Initiative Growth in Transition

Since 2008 the process Growth in Transition (Wachstum im Wandel), an initiative of the Austrian Ministry of Life, is in progress in Austria. There were two international conferences in 2010 and 2012 with almost 600 participants each. In a number of stakeholder dialogues eight policy papers concerning different policy fields were created. Several more of such […]

  • Growth in Transition

    Just now – in the light of the current financial and economic crisis and intensive efforts for achieving economic growth – the question emerges which kind of growth we want for the future and which goals are targeted with it.

    The project “Growth in Transition” intends to trigger a dialogue among institutions and people about how we can shape this transformation process towards sustainability. It also aims at contributing to current EU and international processes and at informing the Austrian public about them (e.g. the EU initiative “Beyond GDP”).

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    Our Land: A Symposium on Farmland Access in the 21st Century
    4/26-27/14, more >

    Austerity, Stimulus or Post-growth for Europe?
    3/21/14, more >

    Book presentation: “Plundering the Planet. The Future of Mankind in the Age of Dwindling Resources” by Ugo Bardi
    12/11/2013, more >

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    Our Land: A Symposium on Farmland Access in the 21st Century


    26. April 2014N/A

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    Our Land: A Symposium on Farmland Access in the 21st Century


    27. April 2014N/A

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