“Growth in Transition in Local Communities- A Key to Success”: Growth in Transition goes international

Initiative Growth in Transition

The Initiative “Growth in Transition” was presented once more to international experts at the “Growth in Transition in Local Communities- A Key to Success” on October 3rd in Dubrovnik (HR). The conference encouraged the dialogue between the representatives of local and foreign institutions and the citizens of Dubrovnik concerning actual societal problems of the unsustainable development of European regions and communities and contributed to the sensitization of the local government and to the exchange of experiences with the participants from other countries.

Growth in Transition in Local Communities: Background paper is available

Initiative Growth in Transition

DURA – Dubrovnik Development Agency, the City of Dubrovnik and the Initiative Growth in Transition invite you to the Conference “Growth in Transition in Local Communities – A Key to Success“ that will take place in Dubrovnik on October 3, 2014. The background paper introduces the Initiative Growth in Transition and the topic of the Conference.

Synthesis report of the Growth in Transition-Policy Papers is online!

Initiative Growth in Transition

The objective of this synthesis report is to summarize the Policy Papers that are currently available and contains the results of the Policy Science Stakeholder Dialogue 2011-2013.

“Growth in Transition” at degrowth-conference Leipzig, 2014


From 2—6 September 2014 the City of Leipzig will host the 4th international „degrowth“ conference.

Europe´s environmental politics agenda: expectations of the EU commission and parliament

7th Environment Agenda

Public discussion of recommendations for aims of the 7th Environment Action Programme (7th EAP)

Getting to Postgrowth: The Transformative Power of Mind- and Paradigm Shifts


by Maja Göpel. Before an individual chooses to act, he or she requires a story or mindset to make sense of what the situation is about. Acting rationally in this sense means to act with reason, in congruence with one’s worldview and the individual interpretation of the “rules of the game.”

WWWforEurope – Working on the Analytical Foundations for Socio-ecological Change and Dynamics


Growth in Transition works together with the EU-Project WWWforEurope to analyse and discuss the scientific background for the socioecological transition of our economic system. What kind of development strategy should Europe opt for in the face of the financial crisis and the big challenges ahead: globalisation, demographic shifts, climate change and new technologies? What kind of strategy will guarantee Welfare, Wealth and Work for Europe in the long term? These are the questions an ambitious European research project is working on. Its name is its mission: Welfare, Wealth and Work for Europe – WWWforEurope.

International Stakeholder Dialogue Growth in Transition – Sustainable Economic and Social Concepts

Initiative Growth in Transition

Since 2008 the process Growth in Transition (Wachstum im Wandel), an initiative of the Austrian Ministry of Life, is in progress in Austria. There were two international conferences in 2010 and 2012 with almost 600 participants each. In a number of stakeholder dialogues eight policy papers concerning different policy fields were created. Several more of such […]

Summer school course: “The Green Economy”

Green Economy

The Norwegian University of Life Sciences is organizing a summer school series in Environmental Governance. The title of the course is ‘The Green Economy’ and it is running from 16. to 27. June. The idea behind this summer school is to bring renowned researchers of environmental governance to work with a selected group of PhD students/young researchers […]