Green Meeting

Österreichisches Umweltzeichen Green MeetingIt is our goal to organize this event under the “Green Meeting” directive of the Austrian Eco Label. We therefore implement several visible and invisible measures and are very happy, if you support this effort.

Please choose preferably public means of transportation (U2 station Messe Prater), use a bicycle (there are more than 1000 bicycle parking places located along the bike path circling the perimeter of the campus) or team-up in carpools.

If it is necessary for you to arrive by plane, please make use of the carbon offsetting-system provided by our partner BOKU.

We further ask you kindly, to use the waste recycling-system provided at Campus WU.

For any further questions concerning “Green Meetings” please don’t hesitate to ask our contact person Benedikt Becsi (

Thank you very much for your support!

The “Green Meeting”-certification is important to you? Please give us your feedback:

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