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Aman Iman – Water is life (Tuareg)


Aman Iman – Water is life (Tuareg)


S.E. Jorge Jurado – Embassador of Ecuador in Germany
Iris Strutzmann – Chamber of Labour Vienna
Gabriela Maria Straka – Public relations and CSR, Brauunion
Stefanie Schabhüttl – Umweltdachverband

Panel chair:

Anna-Maria Haas – Umweltdachverband
Bernhard Zlanabitnig – EU-Umweltbüro



Short description:

Population, wealth, energy and water – the unequal distribution of resources is characteristic of our era.

Our „world game“ illustrates the finite nature of water (availability, provision, consumption) and poses some pressing questions: How important is access to clean water, what is ‚water justice‘ and how is it used and consumed in Austria and elsewhere?

Given the imperative of the sustainability principle, how can we ensure a fair distribution of water both between current users and between generations?

Questions to be raised and answered in the course of the workshop: How can water be fairly and equally distributed? Should water qua ecosystem service be prized and commodified? Is privatization and commodification of water services praticularly promising? Or should universal access to clean water and sanitation be a legally enshrined human right?

How can the example of Ecuador and its revolutionary law on water (institutionalizing of water, national water plan, river bassin management plan, information and civil society participation) be a role model for countries around the world? Experts from the chamber of labour, eNGOs, the beverage industry and the Ecuadorian embassador in Germany will elaborate on all this and beyond.

Latter is founding father of Ecuador’s latest constitution that codified the universal human right to water and the rights of nature, based on the concept of „Buen Vivir“.

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