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…and How Will we Feed Ourselves in Future?


…and How Will we Feed Ourselves in Future?


Kurt Langbein – Director and documentary film maker
Hans Herren – President and CEO of Millennium Institute, Co-Chair of the IAASTD, winner of the Right Livelihood Award and the World Food Prize
Tanja Dietrich-Hübner – Chief Manager of Sustainability, REWE International AG
Gertraud Leimüller – Managing Director winnovation consulting gmbh


Karl Kienzl – Deputy Managing Director Environment Agency Austria
Josef Glößl – Vice-Rector, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna
Reinhard Mang – Secretary-General, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry,
Environment and Water Management

Panel chair:

Helga Kromp-Kolb – Head of Center for Global Change and Sustainability, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna
Josef Hackl – Head of Department Sustainable Development, Environment Agency Austria



Short description:

A clear trend has been emerging: The population is continuing to grow, whereas agricultural land is on a decline in quantity and quality. What options are there to provide people with food – today and in future? What is happening currently and hampering the provision of a sustainable food supply? Which economic framework will ensure food security?
We ask four experts for their opinion. Kurt Langbein will show trailers from his brandnew movie „Landgrabbing“; Hans Herren will present insights from agricultural sciences; Tanja Dietrich Hübner will bring in her perspective from a food retailor; and Gertraud Leimüller will demonstrate how innovative options could emerge for our future.
We will debate the input in a Fishbowl-discussion and will ask three leading personalities for their reflection.

Organised by:

Environment Agency Austria
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences