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Colours of Happiness


Colours of Happiness – Reading and interview with the authors


Dodo Kresse – Author
Kurt Völkl – Author, Versicherungsanstalt für Eisenbahnen und Bergbau

Panel chair:

Walter Seeböck – B.A.U.M. Austrian Network for Sustainable Leadership



Short description:

Dodo Kresse and Kurt Völkl will present their latest book “Colours of Happiness – The 5 principles of successful change.”
The reading of the authors, followed by interviews, will be a contribution to the theme of the conference day “transformation” and touches our personal desire to realize change in our lives.
“Nothing has to stay the way it is!” This idea leads us to the 5 principles for successful change, a concept created by Kurt Völkl and Heinz Peter Wallner.

Organised by:

B.A.U.M. Austrian Network for Sustainable Leadership