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Constraints in/of Science


Constraints in/of Science


Michael-Gregor Miess – Institute for Ecological Economics, Vienna University of Economics and Business
Michael Jonas – Senior Researcher “steps”, Department Sociology, Institute for Advanced Studies
Stephanie Rammel – The Austrian Research Promotion Agency
Alexander Bogner – Institute for Technology Assessment
and Systems Analysis

Panel chair:

Beate Littig – Head of Sociology Department, Institute for Advanced Studies



Short description:

Scientific knowledge and expertise is highly requested. This holds true for the economic and political sphere as well as for private life. Scientific knowledge production seems borderless. But are there no limits to science and research? How is about limits as a consequence of dominant (mainstream) paradigms? How is about the limits of knowledge production within disciplines? Science and research needs funding from public and private sources – how does this influence scientific freedom? How can these limiting factors be overcome? These (and further) questions will be discussed in a round-table-setting.

Organised by:

Institute for Advanced Studies