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Ecosystem Services


Ecosystem Services – Perspectives on the economic valuation of nature in Austria


Christoph Görg – Alpen-Adria Universität
Magdalena Heuwieser – Finance & Trade Watch
Elisabeth Schwaiger – Environment Agency Austria
Gerald Plattner – Austrian Federal Forests
Dagmar Hutter – Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry,
Environment and Water Management; Environment Agency Austria

Panel chair:

Pia Paola Huber – Austrian Federal Chancellery



Short description:

Nature is the basis of our livelihood as well as for wealth and well-being. Current economic and financial policy has no methodical approach to integrate the value of nature. The economic valuation of ecosystem services could potentially illustrate this value and enhance its influence on political decisions.
Ecosystem services contribute to human well-being, like provisioning (fresh water, food,…), regulating (protection from floods, climate regulation,…), supporting (photosynthesis, soil formation,…) or cultural services (recreation, education). In line with the EU biodiversity strategy the Member States map the state of ecosystems and their services, assess the economic value of such services and promote the integration of these values into decision making processes as well as into accounting and reporting systems by 2020.
The workshop aims to discuss opportunities and risks of the economic evaluation of ecosystem services.

Organised by:

Austrian Federal Chancellery