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Inequality, Democracy, Participation


Inequality, Democracy, Participation


Shalini Randeria – Institute for Human Sciences (IWM), Graduate Institute of International Development Studies (IHEID) (CH)
Michael Hartmann – University of Technology Darmstadt

Panel chair:

Veronika Haschka – Federal Chanceller


German and English

Short description:

Growing inequalities in OECD countries do not merely relate to income and wealth but they have far reaching consequences for social cohesion and mobility, political participation, etc.
The panel approaches the topic of inequality from different perspectives and tackles the following questions:

  • What are the effects of growing inequality on economic development and growth? Are we really in need of GDP-growth to establish a “fair” distribution? How can we counteract?
  • What does this mean in regard to trust in social relations, democratic institutions, enterprises and the state? In what way does it affect the social fabric of our societies?
  • Will a reduction in inequality add to the solution of the multiple crises of capitalism?

Organised by:

Federal Chancellery, Chamber of Labour Vienna