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Overcoming Intrapersonal Limits in Order to Live Sustainably


Overcoming Intrapersonal Limits in Order to Live Sustainably


(no inputs in form of lectures)

Panel chair:

Ines Omann – Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research
Felix Rauschmayer – Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research



Short description:

In this interactive workshop we address our own inner limits that we encounter, when we try to live and act sustainably: feelings of helplessness, senselessness, loneliness, desire for security through traditional ways of life, comfort and convenience etc.
Besides recognizing those limits and an exchange about them (Dyade and Dialogue), we will collect ideas, how the participants have already overcome the limits or try to do it (cards and circle). In a third part of the workshop we want to explore together, what we would need (from outside, from inside, individually, collectively, bottom-up or top-down), to live sustainability, as we deem it important (dynamic facilitation or other method). We will conclude the workshop by developing individually the next concrete step.

Organised by:

Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research, Leipzig