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Pathways to Institutional Transformation


Pathways to Institutional Transformation


Bertram Meusburger – Office of the Provincial Government of Vorarlberg
Martina Handler – Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (ÖGUT)
Philippe Narval – Managing Director European Forum Alpbach
Lisa Rücker – City Councillor for Culture, Environment and Health, Graz

Panel chair:

Bettina Hellein – Begegnungskunst
Florian Sturm – Begegnungskunst



Short description:

At the first day of the conference, we learned about critical systemic boundaries. The relating question is, how to design appropriate transformational processes.
In this workshop, based on examples from experience and dialoguing, we will expore the following topics:

  • How can transformational processes be guided and facilitated?
  • Which competencies are needed on the levels of individuals, organizations, communities, states and country governments?
  • What is needed in policy- and decisionmaking-processes as well as in the colaboration between disciplines, parties and departments?
  • How to unleash enough creativity to enable a social and peaceful transformation?
  • How can we generate creative solutions, that are accepted by the broad population?

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