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Steps Towards a Sustainable Society


Steps Towards a Sustainable Society


Andreas Novy – Initiative „Gutes Leben für Alle“
Vincent Liegey – Parti Pour la Décroissance, Degrowth-Movement
Caroline Vogl-Lang – Initiative Growth in Transition; Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management

Panel chairs:

Ines Omann – Sustainability researcher



Short description:

In a first step we want to ask people what they already know, have heard about and think of the initiatives Growth in Transition (GiT), Degrowth and Good Life for all (GLFA).
Then we want to shortly present the three initiatives (GiT, Degrowth, GLFA), their institutional background, history, goals and above all, their perspectives on growth and approaches towards changing society.
For the rest ot the time we want to discuss (in an appropriate formats like fishbowl, world cafe, small groups, etc.) with all participants questions such as:

  • What are necessary steps towards a sustainable society?
  • Which of the steps are problematic, which can be agreed on easily?
  • What can initiatives like GiT, GLFA and Degrowth do, where are limitations?

Organised by:

Initiative Growth in Transition, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management
Initiative „Gutes Leben für Alle“
Ines Omann

Short description of the guests:

Andreas Novy, Co-initiator of the “Good Life for all”-conference/initiative. Deputy Head of the Institute for Multi-Level Governance and Development (WU)
Vincent Liegey, Interdisciplinary researcher, Co-author of “A Degrowth Project”, coordinator of the Degrowth Conference, Budapest 2016, coordinator of Cargonomia social cooeprative, spokesperson of the French Degrowth movement.
Ines Omann, PhD in Ecological Economics. Sustainability researcher at Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research, Leipzig; Faciliator and moderator for sustainable quality of life.