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Sustainable Leadership in Times of Crisis


Sustainable Leadership in Times of Crisis – Are people and the environment being left behind?


Astrid Roessler – Politician, Deputy Governor Salzburg
Beate Andres – Siemens AG Austria
Gexi Tostmann – Tostmann Trachten
Harald Melwisch– Vice President Brand Building Savoury & Country Lead Austria, Unilever

World Café:

Corporate strategies in times of crisis

Walter Seeböck – B.A.U.M. Austria
Walter Scharf – CEO innovative environmental technology GmbH

Corporate culture & communication

Helga Prazak-Reisinger – OMV Refining & Marketing

Resource management & environmental protection

Gerald Plattner – Austrian Federal Forest

Innovation & digital world

Philipp Schöffmann – Entrepreneur

Work environment & social innovation

Harald Hutterer – Coach

Sustainable leadership in politics and economy

Alfred Matousek – REWE International AG
Martin Much – Oesterreichische Nationalbank

Panel chairs:

Helga Prazak-Reisinger – Vice president B.A.U.M. Austrian Network for Sustainable Leadership
Walter Seeböck – President B.A.U.M. Austrian Network for Sustainable Leadership



Short description:

These are the questions we are going to discuss with the participants of the B.A.U.M. dialogue:

  • How do entrepreneurs operate in times of crisis?
  • Will politicians recognize the limits of growth and stop undesirable developments?
  • Are people and the environment being left behind when economic growth is stagnant, unemployment is rising and social inequalities grow?
  • Are there any answers and examples of sustainable leadership in business and politics?

In a discourse with senior executives from national and international companies as well as a dedicated politician who is trying to set necessary boundaries, we want to collectively address these issues and find approaches for a sustainable policy and corporate governance.
Welcome to the B.A.U.M.DIALOG “Sustainable leadership in times of crisis”.

Organised by:

B.A.U.M. Austrian Network for Sustainable Leadership

Short Description of the guests:

Dr. Astrid Rössler – Austrian politician of the Green Party, business consultant and mediator. Rössler has been Salzburg’s First Vice-Governor since 2013. She is actively involved in nature conservation, environmental protection, water protection, regional planning and building laws. She headed the Committee of inquiry in the Salzburg speculation scandal. In 2015 Rössler brought about a unanimous decision of the Salzburg Provincial Government to STOP further development of shopping centers with more than 600 m 2 of retail space.

Dr. Beate Andres – General Secretary of SIEMENS AG Austria, head of the Strategy and Sustainability CEE, responsible for overseeing 19 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. She is in charge of business excellence and the implementation of the SIEMENS sustainability strategy in Central and Eastern Europe.

Dr. Gesine Maria “Gexi” Tostmann – Austrian entrepreneur, folklorist and writer. In 1968 she joined the family company Tostmann Trachten. Today Gexi Tostmann is managing partner together with her daughter Anna Tostmann-Grosser. The company specializes in traditional dirndl dresses. It employs approximately 120 employees at the head office in Vienna and in Seewalchen. The company’s philosophy relies on high quality traditional fashion, which is manufactured in Austria. Gexi Tostmann was co-initiator of numerous citizens’ initiatives. Her diverse engagements in the political, cultural and social fields have determined her life until today.

Merlin Koene – Member of the Board of Unilever Germany GmbH. Born in the Netherlands, he grew up in Vienna and studied in London and France. He joined Unilever in 2009. Merlin Koene is responsible for sustainable business & communications for Germany, Austria and Switzerland (D-A-CH). From his Hamburg office, he also oversees media relations and public affairs. In 2012 he received an award for “Germany’s most sustainable strategy”. He supported the City of Hamburg to become the European Green Capital in 2011.