Growth in Transition Conference 2010

Conference 2010


The International Conference “Growth in Transition” took place at the Auditorium of Science in Vienna on the 28th and 29th of January 2010.

The initiators of the conference have put for discussion as the total sum of their concerns the topics and questions within the framework of ten thematic panels (discussion paper).

High quality of life and sustainable prosperity for everyone

The global production of goods and services has substantially increased during the last years, at least until the current financial and economic crisis. Large parts of society and many countries have achieved a high level of material wealth. However, the uneven distribution of wealth and income has hardly changed within most societies as well as between different world regions.

From an ecological point of view it can be said that the problems caused by increasing production that are strongly linked to the exploitation of raw materials and natural resources are becoming more and more severe. Many of our resources are becoming scarce, biodiversity loss is accelerating, whole ecosystems such as oceans are on edge and systemic consequences like climate change and soil erosion pose enormous social, economic and ecological challenges for all of us.

In order to sustain and increase prosperity and quality of life in the long term, we will need economic strategies which are soundly financed and use the planet’s resources responsibly. They have to satisfy the basic needs of all people and respect the immaterial dimension of being human. In order to achieve this, targeted interventions in the incentive schemes and regulatory framework of national economies are needed. This is the duty of politics, and the specific measures have to be the result of a broad public debate.

The international conference “Growth in Transition” aimed at triggering a wide public debate. The conference deliberately tackled a broad range of topics in order to involve as many different stakeholders as possible. The key topics of “Growth in Transition” were dealt with by key note speeches, discussions and ten partly parallel sessions.

Organisation: Regina Weber

Steering group:

Walter Seeböck, B.A.U.M. Group
Fred Luks, Bank Austria
Roland Arbter, BKA
Ana Jakil, BKA
Elisabeth Klatzer, BKA
Christoph Müller, BKA
Christa Peutl, BKA
Robert Stöger, BKA
Andreas Schaller, BMASK
Johannes Schweighofer, BMASK
Brigitte Zarfl, BMASK
Caroline Haberfellner, BMF
Elisabeth Freytag, BMLFUW
Rita Trattnig, BMLFUW
Caroline Vogl-Lang, BMLFUW
Evi Frei, BMWF
Eva-Maria Schmitzer, BMWF
Christina Burger, BMWFJ
Barbara Putzi-Schmid, BMWFJ
Hans Peter Heitzinger, BMWFJ
Josef Hochwald, BMWFJ
Thomas Schauer, Club of Rome – European Support Center
Katharina Mayr, Federation of Austrian Industries
Thomas Mitterstöger, The province of Lower Austria
Thomas Steiner, The province of Lower Austria
Andreas Breitenfellner, Oesterreichische Nationalbank
Johann Jachs, Oesterreichische Nationalbank
Klemens Riegler, Ecosocial Forum
Alfred Matousek, REWE
Ulrike Haslinger, City of Vienna
Eva-Maria Persy, City of Vienna
Christoph Haller, The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
BKA……. Austrian Federal Chancellery
BMASK… Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection
BMF……. Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance
BMLFUW. Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management
BMWF…. Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research
BMWFJ… Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth

Participants of the Sessions (PDF)