Growth in Transition Conference 2012

International Conference

Growth in Transition
8-10 October 2012

Aula der Wissenschaften
Wollzeile 27a, 1010 Vienna

What was it all about?
How can we achieve a good life for all – today and tomorrow – in the light of the numerous crises?
How can we help to build a sustainable economic and financial system?
How can we reach qualitative growth?
How should we grow and what should grow? Where are the limits?

2nd International Conference
Growth in Transition

Breaking points were places of discovery

Our present structures, ways of thinking and acting, which are geared towards growth, are on the test stand. We aim at jointly developing concrete ideas of alternatives ways of acting.
We ask what should grow, what is finite and how we want to do business, live our lives and work in the future. Which kind of prosperity do we want and how should we shape the transition process from within?
We make people and sites of the transition process visible and seek alternatives.

We asked ourselves:

Do we want things to be the way we arranged them for ourselves?
What could an alternative development path look like? And how can it become reality?
What kind of economic and financial system carry us towards this future?
How can we measure the prosperity and the quality of life that we want?
How do we deal with limits?
And how can we shape a social process which delivers answers to the question what a good life beyond quantitative growth looks like?

What happened?

Within the framework of the “Growth in Transition” Conference committed people from political, administrative, scientific, economic, civil and other backgrounds will discuss the key issues of the future and jointly work on solutions.