Vienna, February 2016 – Conference Announcement: How Constraints Make Us Grow – Society in Transition

The Austrian Federal Ministry of Environment together with more than 20 partner organisations is going to prearrange the conference “How Constraints Make Us Grow – A Society in Transition”. The conference is scheduled to take place from the 22nd until the 24th  of February 2016 in Vienna.

The conference will elaborate what form of prosperity we envisage, how to conduct alternative economic activities and how to shape possible social and economic models with the aim of leading over to a sustainable economy.

In particular, the 3-day conference will

  1. examine a wide range of constraints and boundaries hindering us from adopting a new direction towards sustainability
  2. highlight existing successful alternative approaches and initiatives, considering the biophysical limits of the planet
  3. encourage participants for cross-shared discussions of mutual interest so as to develop concrete visions.

The conference is part of the Austrian initiative “Growth in Transition”. For more details see

About 600 participants attended the previous conference within the same context in 2012.

Image: (C) BMLFUW