Recommended Reading


  • Diane Coyle (2011): “The Economics of Enough: How to Run the Economy as If the Future Matters”
  • Richard Heinberg (2011): “The End of Growth”
  • Tim Jackson (2009):  “Prosperity Without Growth”
  • Peter Victor (2008):  “Managing Without Growth”
  • Andrew Simms and Joe Smith (2008): “Do Good Lives Have to Cost the Earth?”
  • Angus Maddison (2007): “Contours of The World Economy, 1-2030 AD”
  • Richard Layard (2005): “Happiness. Lessons From A New Science”
  • Clive Hamilton (2004): “Growth Fetish”
  • Tim Kasser (2002): “The High Price of Materialism”
  • John Kenneth Galbraith (1958): “The Affluent Society”

Policy Documents:

Reports & Literature surveys & Konferenz-Proceedings:

  • Report of the Steady State Economy Conference (2010): “Enough is Enough. Ideas for a sustainable economy in a world of finite resources
  • 2nd Degrowth Conference Barcelona, Proceedings (2010)
  • Schumacher College (2010) “Growth isn’t possible; Why we need a new economic direction”
  • 1st Degrowth Conference Paris, Proceedings (2007)
  • NEF (2006) “Growth isn’t working; The unbalanced distribution of benefits and costs from economic growth”
  • The Spring Alliance Manifesto for a European Union that puts people and planet first
  • Report of the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress
  • The European Commission proposal GDP and beyond outlines an EU roadmap with five key actions to be undertaken now and in the near term