Resource Conference Vienna: “Prosperity without Growth of Natural Resource Use”


Global resource extraction has tripled during the past four decades. At continuing trends resource use will increase to 180 billion tonnes in 2050.

Industrialized countries and regions achieved their high level of wealth to a large extent based on resource intensive consumption and production patterns. This development cannot be applied to other world regions without risking ecological collapse.

Thus, decoupling resource use and the associated environmental impacts from economic growth is crucial to ensure wellbeing for all humans in a healthy environment. Empirical evidence for global patterns and trends in resource use is provided by a study of the UNEP International Resource Panel (IRP) that was launched in July 2016 in New York. Representatives from the UNEP IRP will now present detailed analysis and results from this study in Vienna.

Next to the UNEP representatives, high-level experts and policy makers from Austria, Czech Republic as well as the European Union will add their perspectives on resource use and resource efficiency.

Download the presentations:

Please find the slides directly in the programme (PDF) – just click on the title of the presentations – or click on the names of the speakers below:

Marina Fischer-Kowalski (PDF)
Stephan Lutter (PDF)
Janez Potocnik (PDF)
Heinz Schandl Part 1 (PDF)
Tomas Hak, Jan Kovanda (PDF)
Pawel Kazmierczyk (PDF)
Heinz Schandl Part 2 (PDF)
Andreas Tschulik (PDF)